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At the risk of sounding like a self-absorbed, condescending, arrogant prick. I’m adding my current cycles and logs to the site. This is ONLY due to the amount of overwhelming questions about what I’m using. Believe it or not I’m asked A LOT. And it’s ALWAYS about my “supplements” more than anything else. Not hey what program do you use or how do you lift. Always the “supplements”. SO Ill add what I’m doing, How I’m doing, and keep a log here. Any questions just hit me up HERE.

If you have read my other post on PCT HERE you know I’m on TRT year round. My “Blasts” are as follows.


My Current Cycles are-

June 19 2017


Compound: Test Cyp
Lab: Dragon Pharma – LINK TO PRODUCT HERE
Mg: 1,100 wk = 550mg- 2xs per week


Compound: NPP
Lab: Dragon Pharma – LINK TO PRODUCT HERE
Mg: 450mg wk = 150mg-3 xs a week


Compound: Winnstrol Oral – LINK TO PRODUCT HERE
Lab: British Dispensary
Mg: 50MG/Day= 25mg 2xs per day


START DATE- June 19 2017

June 19th Upped the Test to 1,100/wkthis is a bit higher than I usually go with the test

July 3rd Added the NPP @ 450mg/wk

July 17th Added Winni @ 50mg/day


UPDATE July 24th  – Blood pressure elevated, scaling back on caffeine to a minimum. Strength up as expected. Achieving more fullness

UPDATE July 26th – Blood test and urine a little early.

UPDATE Aug 2 – Doctor called to have a STAT Liver ultra sound done for my liver. I’m seeing a new doctor. Along with being very condescending about what I do she is not used to seeing my liver values spike when I am on my “Blast” so I will have it done just to see and I will update. Liver value spikes are normal when on a cycle like this especially with the added orals.
I am usually used to seeing a bit more relief from NPP on my joints but my lifts are very high and it has been very hard if not almost impossible for me to get sore. Pumps are high and very vascular looking.

UPDATE Aug 17 – The “Stat Liver Ultra sound” was never scheduled due to a slip up with the docs office so Ive had to reschedule… GOTTA LOVE OUR HEALTH CARE!!!

Anyways everything with the cycle is going really smooth. My strength is way up and I’m looking very vascular and hard.  I’m able to increase reps and weight in every workout. Body fat is reduced even though my diet is not very strict. Ill be upping the cardio next week to get ready for a upcoming trip.

UPDATE Sept 15 – Finished off the Winni the last 2 weeks with 25mg/day. I have one more week of NPP and then will tapper down on the Test. I will give a video review in the next few weeks on the products. The liver tests have come back normal. I added another gal of water to my daily intake and added a liver supplement as well. I ended up doing several blood tests during this cycle due to the liver values and Test results.

My update on my body is I my strength is up as expected. I’m leaner and its very hard for me to get sore still. I dropped 16 pounds and and still upping my cardio. I did have to add another injection to my test cyp. My levels dropped and so I added another 500mg/wk to the cycle. This is unusual for me and Ill add my opinion to the cycle wrap up video.

Overall the Winni is still a very solid product. The NPP is ok. Ive had better and Ive definitely had worse. The test is good but I found it inconsistent over the last few months (blood work and feel).

Overall this went well however I was traveling so this go around overall was inconsistent.

Ill be adding the wrap up video soon.

UPDATE Sept 22 – Finished the NPP and tapering off the Test. Will be at TRT does next week.






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