Blast Cycle – Dec 1 2017 – Feb 16 2018


Test Cypionate
Compound: Test Cyp
Lab: Alpha Pharma – LINK TO PRODUCT HERE
Mg: 500mg wk =  Split into 3 injections Monday, Wends, & Friday per week


Compound: Deca
Lab: Alpha Pharma – LINK TO PRODUCT HERE
Mg: 250mg wk = 120mg-2 xs a week First 2 weeks
Mg: 500mg to 600mg wk = 250mg-2 xs a week weeks 3 to 8
week 8 taper off


Anadrol 50
Compound: Anadrol 50
Lab: Alpha Pharma – LINK TO PRODUCT HERE
Mg: 25mg/Day = Split 2 xs per day first 2 weeks
Mg: 50mg/Day = Split 2 xs per day weeks 3 to 5
5th week tapper off at end of week and Add Winni


Compound: Winnstrol Oral – LINK TO PRODUCT HERE
Lab: British Dispensary
Mg: 25MG/Day= 25mg per day Week 6


Alpha Pharma How to Authenticate Products



START DATE- Dec 1 2017



UPDATE Nov 11th  – Fractured my foot on Oct 1 and should be able to start training legs again by Dec 1. My blood work came back “thick” last test, so Ill be working on that till next blood test. Get Blood work Nov 24th if all looks good Ill be all go for this run on Dec 1 2017.

UPDATE Nov 30th  –  Foot is 100% and blood work came back solid. Ready to start my Cycle tomorrow and get things moving.
This run Ill be doing 6 days on one day off training routine. High Volume 18 to 20 sets per body part, and Fasted Cardio everyday.
Each body part will be trained 2xs every 8 days.

Blood thickening correction– I had think blood after the last Blood test I took. Here is how I corrected this before the latest blood test.

  1. Added another half a gallon of water to my daily routine so Im typically at 1.5 to 2 gallons per day currently and will continue this through out this cycle.
  2. Added 2 doses (1 Tbsp. mixed with 12oz of water) of Apple cider vinegar to my daily routine
  3. Added Magnesium supplement daily
  4. Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement
  5. Added B-12 Daily Supplement
  6. Vitamin E Daily Supplement
  7. Daily Aspirin 300mg

That’s it.

Ill be updating my thoughts and progress with Alpha Pharma as I progress into this month.

UPDATE Dec 11th  –  I can say without question the Alpha Pharma Anadrol is legit. I’m a little over a week in with my starter does of 25mg/Day and I’m up 6 pounds and look very full. Pumps are great, strength is already going up. Very happy with this run so far. Ill be updating soon.

UPDATE Dec 18th  –  Today I upped the Deca to 500mg/wk and the Anadrol to 50mg per day. Im up 8bls however Im not eating to get big my diet hasn’t changed.Ive been very busy but Im staying on track with training the only thing that has changed is Im not going to 18 to 20 sets for every body part, every workout. Some workouts are around the 12 to 15 set mark per BP. I’m without a doubt fuller. No one seems to care what body parts measure except arms so Ill add that they are up 1/2inch at the 2 week mark. I do Centuries (feeders) for them 3xs per week additionally to my training. Im used to only working out 3 to 4 times per week so Im not gonna lie, Im draggin, but I feel strong.  Ill update at the end of this week.

UPDATE Dec 26th  –  Everything about the Alpha Products are coming along as expected, and I can say Id highly recommend Alpha Pharma at this point. Im up about 13bls and my joints feel great. Strength is up and I’m happy with the results so far. After many questions about Alpha roid testing, I bought a Roid test and tested it on camera. Ill be posting all that info on our new section Roid Test results HERE

UPDATE Jan 16th   –  I came off the Anadrol on the 8th and started the Winni at 25mg per day pre workout for the last week (week 6). The Deca is really good. I have arthritis out the ass as well as a ton of injuries that I deal with. I can say have almost no pain. This is the best Deca Ive had in a while so Id highly recommend it. I did a RoidTest on it you can see the results HERE

Because of my work schedule, family, and just pure exhaustion, I’m going back on a whole body 3 day a week program. So Ill do whole body workout Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. The in between days will be cardio and weak body parts. (Century or “feeder style workouts).

Ill keep updating this as the Cycle wraps up.

Alpha Cycle Wrap Up 1/30/18


UPDATE Jan 30th   –  Im coming off the cycle this week and starting back on my TRT script doses. One thing my blood has come back thick again during mid cycle testing. I just did a blood donation this past week and Ill be doing blood work in the next few weeks to see where my hemoglobin numbers are. Im doing a post you can see it HERE if you are interested  or just click on this link



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