Ways Smugglers Get Steroid Across The Boarder

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These are the top ways that people have smuggled anabolic steroids
across the border. The information offered is only for informational purposes.
When reading the following, people must know and understand that there is no
100% guaranteed way to safely get steroids across any border.

A person may have the best possible hiding places, plans or ideas,
but if at the border one looks suspicious, or is subjected to a random check,
Officials can tear the car apart from bumper to bumper, trying to find anything illegal.
However, these are the top smuggling methods and have proved successful in the past.

It is illegal to attempt any of these methods and they should never be used.
The author, and anyone involved with this website, may not be held liable or responsible
for any of the information given. It is at your own risk that you use these techniques,
and it is best if you understand all laws and consequences before you attempt any illegal
activities. Please keep this article to yourself.

People often consider driving to Mexico, or similar countries for one purpose,
smuggling steroids back to their home country. Countries, such as, Mexico are
so popular because of pricing, and availability. In Mexico, practically anyone
can walk into a pharmacy and purchase any anabolic steroids without a prescription.
Best of all, the steroids can be purchased for about a tenth of the price compared
to the current street value in the United States.

A few points before I get into the techniques: When crossing the border,
have shopping bags or something similar, so you have a reason to be in the country.
If you are a big guy, wear baggy clothes, so it isn’t obvious you were there for the steroids.
Don’t be afraid to ask for steroids when you are at the pharmacies, they get asked for
steroids all the time. You must be aware of fakes, just because it is a pharmacy, there are
still fakes available. When coming back across the border, be calm, if you are nervous,
you will look suspicious. The following is a tip from a Hulkster Newsletter: After you buy
your anabolics, change your clothes. The owner of the pharmacy might report you to the border
because they will earn money for everyone they report.

1. Method one is a flat out bribe. Customs Officials in a country like Mexico aren’t
making a lot of money, and the country is poor in general. Several of the Officials will
easily take a $500 or $1000 bribe. $500, or $1000 even, isn’t too much money. Considering the
thought of a Mexican jail, $500, or $1000 is cheap! I have heard of a few cases where this
technique worked without any problems. However, if the bribe doesn’t work, there will probably
be additional charges added because of the bribe. This technique is risky, but I have only
heard good feedback from this method. Be very discreet and cautious when trying this method!

2. This method is one of the more popular techniques, and has worked really well
in the past. Shampoo bottles are emptied completely, STERILIZED, then filled with anabolic
steroids. This can work really well because the liquid in steroids is thick and oily, it is
very similar to shampoo, and it is hard to tell the difference. There are a couple problems
associated with this method, but they do not involve going to jail: 1. It will be hard to
find someone that will buy shampoo bottles filled with steroids. 2. If the bottle is not
perfectly clean before the steroids are added, it can cause some serious problems.
The substance will be dirty and have a very high risk of giving someone a serious infection.

3. Method three is the use of hidden compartments. All of hidden compartments are somewhat
obvious to Customs Officials who know where most of these hidden compartments are placed.
There was a recent case where, after the car was inspected, a hidden compartment was found
under the car seat. That is one of the more obvious hiding spots in a car.

There is a method that allows easy access to the compartment, however, it may be found
if the car is inspected. The front covering of the car seat is removed, then reattached
with Velcro. The illegal substances are then hidden inside the seat and the Velcro allows
easy access to the steroids. Another way to use a hidden compartment is to have a metal box
(with the steroids inside), welded to the bottom of the vehicle. Of course, this would take
a lot of work, the metal box would have look the same as the bottom of the car. The weld
would have to appear to be clean and professional and the welder could possibly become aware
or suspicious of your intentions.

4. The fourth technique is very clever and has worked well in the past.
This method can also be combined with either of the two previous methods.
It involves having someone very drunk, or pretending to be drunk in the back
seat of the car. To add security and make the method work even better, the person
in the back seat should stink, not only of alcohol, but of vomit, body odor, etc.
Now the person can either have the anabolic steroids on them, possibly in the lining
of their jacket, or methods 2 and 3 can be used. Customs will see a drunk, stinky,
dirty man in the back seat and won’t want to come in contact with the individual.
They will more than likely just let the car cross the border without inspection.
To make this work even better, the person in the back seat could be covered in
fake/real vomit, and even have a pail filled will vomit beside them, that will really
turn the Official off.

5. Method five would be the hardest to pull off, but by far the safest.
This method has never been used by anyone, to my knowledge. This technique will
be hard to set up, but here is how it works: It has to be done when it is fairly
busy at the border. This method will work best if you make it so the car is behind
a car with an older, innocent couple. Have all the anabolic steroids in a nap sack
or something similar and add some hooks or clips that can very easily attach to something.
When the border is nice and busy, and it doesn’t seem like the car will be moving for a
long time, pop the hood of the car, grab the nap sack, and head to the front of the car.
Other cars will think the nap sack is a bag of tools. Get on your knees and stay low,
attach the nap sack with the clips somewhere underneath the car in front. This may even
be attempted at a rest stop or other stopover just before the border for additional safety.
The older couple should pass through the border with ease, and the gear should make it
safely across the border. Now the hard part. The older couple must be followed until either
they stop at a rest stop, hotel, or their home. If you are lucky, they will stop at a rest
stop or something similar for a few moments. When you have the chance, quickly go unhook the
bag and you are home free. If you have bad luck, the old couple will end up driving all night
and won’t stop. In this case, you would have to drive all night and wait until they finally
stop. In the end though, all the excess driving in exchange for your safety and peace of
mind, would be well worth it. Yes this technique is far fetched, but when dealing with
anabolic steroids, there are no easy ways out.
Extras. Most of the above techniques are used to get larger amounts of anabolics across
the border. It is much easier to get a personal amount, that a large amount, and the
consequences are less. One good technique is using a tube of toothpaste.
The person would make the hole of where the toothpaste comes out a little larger so
ampules can fit inside the toothpaste. Once at home, the person would simply cut the
toothpaste open are recover the 5-10 amps. I can’t remember where the original
toothpaste idea came from, so I cannot give credit to that person. People also use
different types of food, like salsa jars, etc.

Remember, it is always a risk to try and smuggle illegal substances across the border
and if you get caught, you must suffer the consequences. There is no guaranteed way to
cross the border safely, but these methods should surely help a great deal.

This article is for informational purposes only. The author of the website or anyone
associated with the website may not be held liable or responsible for the information
on the website. The author does not endorse any illegal activities or advocate using
this article for any purpose, other than for information only.

















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