Anabolic Steroids- The Myths, The Legends

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Anabolic Steroids- The Myths, The Legends

Anabolic steroids, and what the general public thinks vs whats really going on in an industry full of mystery and smoke and mirrors.

Growing up was very much like traveling with side show freaks. I was told we were “spreading the word of the holy one.” That basically meant going around and knocking on strangers doors and letting them know that if they did not “repent of their sin” they would be tortured forever. I heard over and over coming from my family “you will see when you die!” when laughed at repeatedly in every town we ended up.

One day in church the speaker pounded the pulpit and was going on and on about a movie that was just released.
It was called Jesus Christ Superstar.


He yelled and carried on the whole morning about how it was an abomination. That those people would surely burn in hell for that offense against God. Now understand, we didn’t even have a TV, and any church we attended it was a punishable offense to be seen anywhere near a theater. It was called “an appearance of evil”.

I remember once a church member was seen outside a movie theater by another member driving by, it was bought before the church, and they had a vote to see if he could even stay a member.

After standing in front of the church and apologizing, they accepted, but he was treated poorly after that, and even being a young boy I remember feeling bad for him.


So after sitting through this morning rant, bashing and damming anyone who had anything to do with the film or had even seen it, the “men” of the church stood around after service and went on and on. “sooo horrible” “I can’t believe it either” “can you believe this movie?” “so unbelievable!”.

Now it was the early 70s, obviously no internet, any info we could possibly get wasn’t coming fast with no TV and we were only allowed to have Christian radio on if the radio ever came on at all.

My dad went off in the car ride home about how these people would burn forever.

We were back in church that evening. The rant on this movie continued. I remember sitting there thinking to myself. How did they see this? How would they know?

The people gathered in the halls after the service talking while my siblings and I stood below them waiting and listening.

I laid awake that night thinking about what had happened that day.

The next day I balled up the courage to ask my dad how he knew what was in that movie. “Did you go to the movies dad?” “I have access to special information.” Was his reply.

Me- How?

Dad- I’ve seen things, I have access to clips from it. It’s horrible!

Looking back, it was the first time I really saw humans being the simple minded talking heads that they can truly be.

He didn’t know anything.

Neither did the people at church.

He heard something from someone, who heard something from someone, who heard something from someone, and on and on and on.

And then they did what kills knowledge, reason, and thought. They parroted a bunch of information about something they had no idea what they were talking about.

To this day I’ve never seen the movie and don’t really care one way or the other about it.



Well kind of everything.

What it has to do with life experiences, and what we think we know in general.

Ever hear someone give a rave review about a restaurant then later learn they’ve never even eaten there?

Or hear someone give a horrible review about an activity they have never done?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock all your life the answer is yes.

And this applies more to Anabolic Steroids than anything I have ever witnessed.

The things I heard before I ever touched anabolic steroids still make me laugh all these years later.

Still now… the things I hear about steroids make me shake my head in disbelief.

99% of those things are complete and utter nonsense.

Guys standing around blabbing their made up “facts” about something they know absolutely nothing about or have even tried. Know nothings. Talking heads. The internet has made this abundantly worse.


Most Common Fairytales:

If you take Anabolic Steroids, you will have crazy rage, beat women, and act violent all the time.

Guy on anabolic steroids

Ummm noooo. After all these years I have never once seen someone turn into an asshole who wasn’t already an asshole to begin with. EVER.

I’ve never had “ROID RAGE” or seen it in anyone I know. Now I have seen and known some real pricks over the years who take steroids.

However knowing them most of my life BEFORE they ever took anabolic steroids I can tell you, they were total pricks before they ever took anything. And they will probably be pricks for the rest of their lives.

Anabolic Steroids makes your penis small.

do steroids shrink your penis

I can honestly say I was worried about that one when I first started using and did my best to read everything I could about if that was true or not before hand and I found that thankfully IT IS FALSE.

Your testicales may/will get smaller and that may give the appearance of a smaller overall “package” depending on what you are taking.

Also sex drive may also be lower or higher. I’ve always found that my sex drive was only slightly lower when on DECA but honestly not by much.

Everyone is different, and you may need to add a little more Test to your cycle if you find your sex drive slip away.

My sex drive seems to be very high when I’m “on”, but then it is usually fairly high so I personally don’t notice much.

I have seen friends have some issues but those were people who didn’t ever seem to go “off” and do very high doses that I feel are very unhealthy.

Your testicales DO RETURN TO NORMAL SIZE after your cycle.

Anabolic Steroids gives you super human strength


No… not really. The media is to blame for most of this with phrases like “It’s like fill in the blank on steroids”.

Steroids most definitely help. If they didn’t work we wouldn’t be here right now. However this isn’t some magic pill (or shot) that will catapult you to conquer the world like Popeye with his spinach.

You will have to earn this shit. If you really want this it’s gonna be one of the hardest thing’s you’ll ever do.

And you will respect it more later when you realize that with or without steroids, this is unbelievably hard to do.

I could do that too…If I was taking steroids

blah blah

This one pisses me off more than anything else.

When I hear someone talk down a pro athlete that has achieved something incredible and later it was found out they used steroids and I hear someone say “well if I was on steroids I could do that too! “

If you really think that all it takes is to take some magic pill and all of the sudden you are breaking world records and becoming the best in the world at something.

Well my friend …I’m gonna be nice, and do for you what obviously no one else has been kind enough to share with you.


The one thing I see most often when people first start using anabolic steroids is they get that AH HA moment.

If you are getting from a good source and you are doing it correctly. STEROIDS WORK. But you will realize it takes an enormous amount of hard, hard work. PERIOD.

And you may NEVER look like a pro body builder no matter how much you take. But you’re going to look better than YOU ever did before.

Compete with yourself. Don’t assume you could do something if…

If you decide to make your journey without the use of steroids I totally respect that. Don’t make ignorant comments about people that choose to do so and put down their hard earned efforts.

If you take oral anabolic steroids you will piss out parts of your liver

steroids3 small trans NvBQzQNjv4Bq6f7LZ7seCW96zliyTYX6ViIMpBIiS72GQ3QPBtusw s

Everyone’s obviously different and has different human body issues.

I’m such a huge advocate in getting blood work done.

See where your liver values are etc. However I have never known ANYONE to be pissing blood or internal body parts out when taking orals.

Don’t overdo it. Drink lots of water. Don’t stay on for long periods. Don’t drink alcohol. Use a liver aid. And did I say get bloodwork done? GET BLOOD WORK DONE!

I am taking this much (fill in the blank) and I still don’t look like the guys in the magazines so they must be taking 10xs as much!!!

anabolic steroids

If I had a nickel for every time I heard this nonsensical BS.

I used to work out with this guy when I was younger. This guy just can’t get it through his head he doesn’t have the genetics.


It’s so insane. This guy spends $3,500 at a time on gear and he can’t do a single pull up. I wish I was kidding. No he’s not heavy about 210 at 6’1.

My point is people make it all about the gear.

Listen. If you are using a reasonable amount of gear and you aren’t making the gains you are looking for, look at your training.

And be honest with yourself.

You may never look like a pro, no matter how much you take.

You may hurt yourself before you ever get as big as them if you are jamming everything in sight down your throat thinking it will get you there faster.

Moore isn’t always the key.

You will get better and better and you WILL CHANGE.

Give it some time. Don’t think the key is taking everything on the market at once. Over time you will find the combo that works for you.


Older doesn’t make you wiser… that’s a very stupid saying. Experience does though. Over time you will get there with or without gear.

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