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I wanted to add a few things that can greatly aid you guys in your progress to shape and add muscle to your bodies, here is our PLATEAU BUSTERS.

I see a ton of people taking gear but have absolutely NOTHING ELSE IN PLACE.

It’s really backwards to me. So here are some must haves, and then some tips for growing.



#1 – Food


Man it never fails to amaze me when people start talking about bodybuilding or lifting in general all they talk about is gear.

This is a typical conversation with an inexperienced weight trainer.

SOME GUY: I just can’t grow. I do everything. And I can’t get my body to grow. What can I do?

TRAINER: What are you doing now?

SOME GUY: I take Dbol 50mg per day, I take Tren 100mg per day, I take Anava….

TRAINER: WAIT A SECOND…. What are you eating?

SOME GUY: … …. …. …. Uh…. Well I eat a few times per day ….and I take …like a protein shake….
(I HAVE LITERALLY HEARD THIS ONE TOO) “I even eat the chicken soft taco at Taco Bell at least once per week.” (I literally almost fell over when I heard that shit… no kidding)

Listen I’m not saying I am the best at this. I am a fat guy at heart. I love all things junk food. Chips, French fries, sloppy burgers, if it’s greasy, I love it. BUT if I am looking to accomplish a goal, I and everyone else… HAS TO HAVE THEIR FOOD PLANNED OUT!

Plan it just like you do your gear.

I’ve seen gear plans that I’m like DAMN how long did you spend on writing this shit out???

That’s good… plan it out … BUT SPEND MORE TIME PLANNING YOUR FOOD.

You are not going to make gains without it. I know what you heard, gear will do it all for you blah blah blah. It’s all bullshit… If you don’t have your food in check you’re wasting your time.

If someone/your trainer asks you how you’re eating you should be able to tell them everything down to how much fat, to how much protein, to how many carbs.

If you have read this blog at all you know I’m a fan of the Six foods that work method.


The reason I’m such a big fan of it is because it works…its simple.

Try to build a program around that and work hard at it. Prep your foods. Don’t junk out.

I try to keep my protein at 1 lb per BW however I’ll dial that up from time to time, and if I’m not adding carbs, I usually don’t add any fat to my body. Everyone is different.
You may want to seek out a trainer/food coach to help you with your diet.

Diet is King.
Gear is gear. It cannot ever replace bullshit food choices.

Don’t be lazy baby…GET THAT FOOD PREPPED!





Some of this may sound silly, but it’s a mistake I see so much it blows my mind.


#2 – Get your muscle hot!

Plateau Busters

I don’t typically watch people in the gym but sometimes you can’t help it. Guys come in cold and immediately pile on weights to the bar, or pick up heavy dumbbells and start working out.

They can’t be seen with light weights in their hands EVER…what would people think????!!!!!!

You want a wrecked body? Go for it…
Want slow gains? Keep doing what you’re doing.


I’m a big fan of light weight warm ups to get as much blood into the tissue as I can. Think of flooding your muscle with blood just like you would a pool with water. Light pumping on a machine or with LIGHT free weights will take you a long way. DON’T COUNT THESE REPS/SETS

Do this for the first 10min of your workout. Pump the shit out of that tissue till your muscle bellies are nice and full.

If you like you can use non-stem pre-workouts,or Cialis, L Arginine, etc

Just make sure not to skip that pre-workout heater (pump).

Take your time. Will this mean you may not be able to lift as heavy during your workout? Maybe…maybe not…who cares… if you’re looking to build muscle don’t worry about the weights so much.

Get that baby hot FIRST, then let it rip. You’ll get so much more out it your workout. Blood in the muscle is key.



#3 -Taking it to failure


There is a place to do a couple of sets of 10 reps blah blah but come on… there needs to be some failure sets worked in there.

This whole… well I do 4 sets of 10 on incline, then I do 4 sets of 10 on Bench, then I do 3 sets of 10 on fly’s…then boops! I’m done!


These same people will tell you they are killing it in the gym…

Well you went… yes…

If you guys want to take it to the next level you really need to push it.

I’m not saying you have to pile on tons and tons of weight either.

You can do this with lighter weight. But you need to have a few sets in there that you cannot do one more rep.

Do this with free weights if you have a spotter, OR use a machine (smith machine, Hammer strength, or weight stacked machine) for your failure sets but you need to have them worked in there.

Do a few failing sets. Do these slow and controlled and fail on that last rep.

That brings me to partials.


#4 – Partials

After you have failed on that last rep.

Do some partials with that weight until you cannot move.

Rest for max 2 min (I prefer 1 min max) and do another Fail set ending in partials

Here are some examples of partials I pulled from YouTube.

These aren’t the best examples but you get the idea.

Think of it like half reps at the end.



#5 – In-between set stretching


Not only do I recommend flexing your muscles in-between sets but stretch them as well.
Let’s say you are working your chest.
Flex your chest for 10 seconds in between your sets then stretch you pecs for 15 seconds each side.
This is huge, and makes a massive difference in your workouts.
Stretch in between each set. You will see massive gains vs. just waiting around till your next set is ready.

Stretch it EVERYTIME!


#6 – Constant tension


I believe there is a place for rest pause sets. However, when I watch people working out very few keep constant tension on the muscle.

By not “locking out” you keep all the tension on the muscle you are working, giving you better time under tension.

For instance, try this next time you are squatting.

Don’t lock out at the top.

Keep your knees slightly bent during the duration of the set.

Never let the tension off the muscle.

Keep it slow and consistent tension on the way up, no rest at the top, and slowly down.

Never “rest” during the set.

I promise you will feel it and will not be able to do all the weight you normally do when stroking your ego with all those plates.


#7 – Rest Pause

When I’m trying to add weight/get stronger with a body part, Rest Pause is one of my favorite go to’s.
Not only will this make you stronger, but bigger as well.
Here is an example of a rest pause set taken from the DC Training video

A rest pause is usually made up of 1 set with 3 sub sets.
Use a weight that you can rep for 10 to max 15 reps
Rack then take 15 deep breaths
Now continue with 5 to max 7 reps
Rack then take 15 deep breaths
Now continue with 3 to max 5 reps
Optional (DC Training Style) Use a static hold on the last rep for 30 seconds or until failure


#8 – Fascia Stretching Post Workout

This is one is what I call one of my secret weapons, and for sure one of the best PLATEAU BUSTERS out there.


You should know this already but just in case you don’t, Fascia is a coating if you will on the outside of your muscle tissue. Some people’s fascia is weak, others are strong.

Each skeletal muscle fiber has many bundles of myofilaments. Each bundle is called a myofibril. This is what gives the muscle its striated appearance. The contractile units of the cells are called sarcomeres.


The stronger the fascia the harder it will be for you to grow.


Your goal is to stretch the fascia as much as possible to give room for your muscle to grow.

You’ll need to

1 fill your muscle with as much blood as possible

2 stretch the living hell out of it after you are finished with your sets/workout.

People will look at you strange. Who cares… You aren’t there for anybody but you I hope.

Make this part of your workout EVERYTIME and you will see a whole new you.

Here is an example of a fascia stretching set taken from the DC Training video.



#9 – Posing / Flexing


This one thing could be a game changer for you.

I almost never see people doing this, and when I do people think the person is hot-shotting. And some are…

I completely understand why people think this looks douchey.

You don’t need to make a skeptical of yourself, but trust me on this one, try it for 2 months.

You’re going to love it.

After you are done with your workouts and stretching. Flex the muscle you just worked for 10min.

You can do this in a mirror, or just go to a corner in the gym and do it. You don’t have to have your muscle showing if you don’t want to, you can do this under your clothes.

This is really important. Flex and hold each time for 15 seconds.

Relax for 10 to 15 seconds then flex it again. Set a timer and keep this up for 10min.

Flex and squeeze it like it owes you.


In a very short period of time you will see significant results in your body.

Flexing post workout is a total game changer. Do it for a few months and you will do it forever after that.

Use those few PLATEAU BUSTERS to finally see some real changes in your body.





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