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MK 677 (Ibutamoren) – MK 677 Reviews

Most of you guys have already heard of this compound through MK 677 reviews, on Youtube, or your local gym. NOT a SARM, MK677 is a Growth Hormone secretagogue, mimicking the GH stimulating action of the endogenous hormone ghrelin.

See Ghrelin Definition –

It has been shown to increase the secretion of several hormones including GH and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) and produces sustained increases in plasma levels of these hormones without affecting cortisol levels.

In short, this compound has been experimented with as a replacement for HGH injections with an orally ingested natural GH releasing compound, at a fraction of the price.

Do I think this will replace HGH kits?

No… HGH injections will be the equivalent of test injections, replacing your natural test with synthetic test.

The purpose of this is to have your body produce naturally your own GH

HGH injections will be synthetic produced GH, MK677 will make you produce your own natural GH.

HGH injections will always be more potent in my opinion for Growth hormone. However the assortment of positive effects MK677 brings to the table is nothing short of jaw dropping.

Also to be noted IGF-1 levels elevated with MK677 remain elevated for 24hrs, giving the user the ability to supplement this orally once per day, unlike HGH injections that need more frequent daily applications.


My experiments on MK677 have blown me away.

My Findings…

After many people both professional, personal, and people sending in emails with ecstatic results I thought it very silly not to try this for myself.

I don’t usually jump on trendy bandwagons however this has been around for a while, and people including doctors are raving about this so much I thought there had to be something to it.

I know some guys from trade shows that are starting their own company and they sent me sample packets of MK677 to try.

I read a ton online, books on Growth secretagogues, spoke to people I know personally that are using it, and got a general idea of how it works and what to expect.

At first I tried what seems to be the popular “sweet spot” of 30mg per day.

I first tried it 15mg in the am and 15mg in the pm. That out the gate didn’t work for me.

I didn’t get hungry because I’m naturally hungry all the time so that was no different. The only thing I felt right away was being overwhelmingly tired. So much so that I was drinking a ton of caffeine just to make it through my day. I was being very unproductive so I changed it to 30mg right before bed like so many others claim to have done. That seemed to take care of the sleepiness.

For the first month I was only doing TRT and MK677 at 30mg at night. My workouts were really good and I noticed no pain in my joints as I usually do without a bit of deca onboard.

The second month I started notice my strength was not leveling out like it usually does off cycle, I was getting stronger.

I experimented with a daily am and a pm dose totaling 50mg per day.

Yes I understand everyone says this is too much (50mg).

The tiredness I felt in the beginning had gone away.

Since I have done this (5 weeks now at higher dose) my strength is like when I’m taking a large amount of gear, like Tren, Deca, Test, and Anadrol together. Now the fact that I’m only on TRT dose and MK677 is an astounding find.

I’m having no pain in my joints, my strength is extremely high and I find I look very full on top of it all.

I think the strength has surprised me the most. I was looking for an alternative to HGH, not something that makes me this strong, joint pain free.

Unfortunately because of the time that I received this compound I did not do a before blood test to test my IGF levels, I was anxious to start and I have been so busy I started without taking the time for blood work beforehand. That’s unfortunate because I’m interested in getting my blood work done to see where I’m at now and compare the two.

I now have pulled myself off TRT and want to see how the MK677 does all by itself. So far (now coming off with HCG) I’m still extremely strong and my sleep has improved over time ( I have a sleep tracker attached to my mattress)

I understand this compound IS NOT APPROVED FOR HUMAN USE I’m just sharing my experiences with you for information purposes.

I plan on running this compound for an extended period on time (1 year) to see how it will change my body comp over time.

I don’t think this will replace HGH, its completely different, however as a diverse compound, natural GH release, strength, size, and pain relief, I am extremely impressed by this experiment.


  • Joint pain has gone away
  • Strength has increased as if I’m on a heavy cycle
  • Sleep has improved
  • Recovery from workouts has improved much like a heavy cycle of anabolics
  • Size and fullness are very noticeable


Is MK677 Available by prescription?

Yes. Doctors and Male wellness clinics are now prescribing MK677 to patients in certain locations.

The costs vary from clinic to clinic and may/will include the following.


– Blood Work – $200

– Initial Doctor Consultation $150

– Monthly Product fees $180 to $375

Will my Insurance cover my visit and prescription?

In most cases, No. This will be considered cosmetic by your insurance company and will be an out of pocket expense.

Is the MK677 bought online fake?

I’m sure just like anything else some are good and some are not. The compounds that I’ve been testing I know are legit. I know the people personally and I know they put out quality products. You can see them here – UPDATE 12/27/22 RCD is no longer around.
See our SARMS partners here


In what forms are MK677 found?

You can find MK677 in oral caps, tabs, liquid and powder.
What I have used is the powder form. After being educated on the digestion of the compound I’ve come to understand this is the best and fastest way to metabolize the compound.

The worst and least effective way is liquid drops as it loses potency during digestion.


Negative Side Effects

There are a few things worth mentioning

First hunger seems to be an issue with most. I don’t have this issue however others that have used the same source report mass food cravings.

Also worth mentioning is one user reported elevated liver values however he is an ex alcoholic and is on liver support and doc monitored for liver values.

As always everyone is different and I highly recommend getting blood work done to make sure you are healthy and using products safely.


Is MK677 Legal?

Yes and no. It is NOT approved for human consumption in the US, however you can obtain a prescription by doctor currently as stated above. You can also purchase it online.
We recommend–

If you ask a reseller or online provider about use of SARMS or MK677 they will usually steer clear of advice and recommend test subject protocols.


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