Interview With A Postal Agent And A Police Officer

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I would like to begin with a few thoughts on how members on several different boards view law enforcement and their role in perusing AS user’s. I have seen posts on many boards dealing with this topic and I feel that the guys in the field are getting a bad rap. I know this may seem an unpopular statement and reading it myself makes me wonder how I can side with the enemy because I have had personal friends arrested and every time it pisses me off. I know there are a lot of anti-government types as well on the boards that love to spread their anti-government stance when these busts do occur but remember the guys that do the arrests are just doing their job they are guys like you and me and whether they agree with it or not that is how they make a living. I nor you when at work can pick and choose what task we will or will not do if our boss tells us to do something although we probably have more of an opportunity to object we come under less scrutiny than they do so all I am saying here is keep that in mind when you bash a COP because they are there for you and me and we all need them.

Now on to why I did this interview #1. I developed a relationship with both of the guys in the interview over the last couple of years and they are both in Law Enforcement and what better way to shed light on the subject than to ask the Law itself. I decided to protect the interviewee’s and to call them Mr. X and Mr. Z. Mr. X is a local Law Enforcement Officer that does his duty on a street level and Mr. Z is a Postal field Agent you know the one that sends you the seizure notice so now on to the questions.

Warpig – Well fellows I first want to thank you both for taking the time to do this and let us know what it is really like on your side of the fence.

Mr. X – No problem.

Mr. Z – Yep maybe I can come off more popular after this.

Warpig – Ok how long have each of you been in your areas of law enforcement?

Mr. X – Oh I have been on the force about 4 years now.

Mr. Z – Well this going to make me sound old but 15 years as of February.

Warpig – Ok fellows I know both of you but the first question. Do either of you use Anabolic Steroids?

Mr. X – (laughs) Yes of course about 5 yrs now.

Mr. Z – Man what a tough one but the answer is yes.

Warpig – Ok that was easy could both of you tell me how you got started and why?

Mr. X – Well I went to college here locally and played a couple of different sports after a few years of competing I finally realized that I was the only one competing clean so I searched around asked a few friends and had my first cycle within a month the rest was history as they say.

Warpig – What sports did you play if you don’t mind me asking?

Mr. X – I was a shot putter and competed in the decathlon.

Mr. Z – I started a little different, I got the mid-thirties gut and started working out again, after spending $300 a month on natural supplements I asked the local dealer who didn’t know what I did for a living and got my first cycle in 3 days.


Warpig – This is for you Mr. Z where you nervous or did you struggle with any kind of moral or ethical questions because your job is to arrest guys like the local dealer.

Mr. Z – Well yes and no, I first of all couldn’t believe the stupidity of the local guy he did not check me out or anything he was only 23 years old and very dumb I could have ended his dealing days quickly but that was not my intention I wanted some juice and I just closed my eyes because of what I did.

Warpig – WOW!! He was stupid well I guess this starts all the good questions. I and everyone else want to know how do you feel about the Anabolic Control Act?

Mr. X – It is a total waste of taxpayer money and bogus. I as well as many other Law Officers can see no valid point in going and arresting some guy who sells on a casual basis at a local gym. I would rather be doing a foot pursuit with a Crack dealer than going to a gym and ruining a person’s life over a drug that should never be a Scheduled III drug in the first place it makes me very angry.

Mr. Z – I agree we are in different areas of law but I agree with X. I on the other hand have to deal with it on a more personal level I am the guy everyone really fears you know. I might be the one to show up on your door step and I have to say I hate the idea of that but what can I do quit? There are always things that go with this job I hate but the other 90% make it worth it but I do not like the Control Act it should have never been passed.

Warpig – I agree as well and that leads to another question why shouldn’t AS be illegal it is a prescription drug right and once it gets into a person’s hands through illegal sales shouldn’t that be a crime? What I am asking I guess is why?

Mr. X – I really think like I said earlier that I would be doing much more good chasing a guy who is cooking and selling Meth in his own neighborhood than worrying about a guy who is doing a little juice on the side, pays his taxes, and doesn’t bother anyone. I think that if the only thing the guy wants to do is use AS to put on a little muscle and he is of age what’s the big deal.

Mr. Z – I’ll give you a little different scenario if you can hang with me. OK! Let’s say I have a son who is 21 years old and he decides he wants to try AS for the first time out of curiosity so he finds a guy in the gym who says he will sell him some dbol tabs. My son buys the tabs but what he does not know is the guy is a undercover cop. The first buy is small and over a course of the next few months my son continues to buy more and more. I would say after six months the dealer convinces my son to buy in quantity so he can have all his cycle at once instead of a little at a time. The scene has changed now because my son has six months of buys say totaling $1000 and then buys with a few friends another $2000 or more and wham an arrest is made my son gets charged with intent to distribute and I spend thousand’s of dollars for lawyers, bail etc. I fail to understand what good it has done to arrest my imaginary son for doing a few illegal anabolic steroids other than it is good for the papers now and then to break a supposed steroid ring which is what it generally gets blown into and the sad thing about it is I have been involved in these types of things. So what is the point other than ruining a young man’s life or even the casual dealer it does society no good to pursue these types of cases.

Warpig – Well I don’t really know what to say after that other than it must be hard on you to do this kind of job??

Mr. Z – No comment.

Warpig – I am glad to hear you do not agree with the current AS laws. I’d have to say most guys I know think you guys sit around waiting for a call on AS users and salivate. I guess now the question is have either of you ever been on a steroid related busts?

Mr. X – Well kind of, I went on a warrant search once but it was not for AS we just happen to find quite a bit and it was confiscated and sent in as evidence for the rest of the case.

Mr. Z – (sigh) Unfortunately yes, before and after I started to use I went out before even not agreeing then with the idea that the person I was going to either arrest or send a notice to was a harden criminal but had less of a problem with it. After I started to use I had a lot of problems with it I called in sick once the same day we were supposed to go out in the field and make an arrest I even got a 3 day suspension when I told my boss why I called in.


Warpig – Really!!!! I guess that was not a popular thing to do. I want to ask Mr. Z how do you find or even suspect a package either domestic or foreign is an AS package or even a drug package of any kind at all.

Mr. Z – Well there are several ways the US post office along with Customs train our people on what to look for some are better at it than others and if you do this through mail you would have I’d say more than 50% chance that the guy checking your package is there just for a paycheck so you better hope you get him then there are the ones who I will not fault do an excellent job at spotting odd shipments and then that is where we get called in.

Warpig – Umm that is kind of scary how come we don’t get bombed more often if it is that easy.

Mr. Z – Well that is a totally different avenue I am not getting into a lot of the heavy duty stuff, but it is not all visual we have a lot of high tech equipment almost everything from overseas is X-rayed so it is more likely to be spotted as well as drug and bomb sniffing dogs those dogs are better than the X-ray.

Warpig – Good point so you are saying overseas stuff is tougher to get across than domestic?

Mr. Z – Yes most definitely I would never go overseas because even if they think they are, most are not well versed on how or why we do what we do so they make mistakes and a lot of them especially in packaging and shipping in general. I’ll give one suggestion to overseas dealers plain old carbon paper can do a lot to an X-ray. I once spotted a package myself doing a run through at a office. I saw leakage on a brown envelope so I had probable cause I opened it and there were 8 broken ampoules of Primo. I just sent the guy a seizure notice in his primo soaked envelope. Overseas shippers make a lot of mistakes and a lot of bad packing gets their users either busted or seized.(Note: None of the sources from The Steroid Truth package poorly.)

Warpig – Well I see Mr. X is getting bored so I will ask a question for both of you. How much usage is there in law enforcement?

Mr. X – Thanks I was falling asleep. Well for me I can say I have two workout partners and each one of us know at least two or three others that use so I would say a dozen plus and that is just the ones we know. I will say as well we use for the same reason as pro and amateur athletes do because we need either an edge over the suspect or just to be on an even playing field with a whacked out meth user. It is just the way it is and if you don’t exercise and have some type of strength you are going to get hurt because these guys are so scared and could care less that their adrenaline alone makes them tougher and stronger than the average person it makes it even to me.

Mr. Z – I have to say no because of the area I am in but I do know state and local officers that do and for the same reason Mr. X stated above.

Warpig – I want both of you to give me an answer on this one. I am arrested what can I expect from whatever law enforcement agency that did the actual arrest.

Mr. X – Well from a local standpoint not much initially. We would be the ones to come out and back up whatever federal unit that is pursuing the case and then do the transport to the station but at first it would be a federal deal.

Mr. Z – Yes correct each case is different and in each state it depends on if the person was dealing for a long period of time, how much he was dealing, how much attention he attracted, did he sell to an undercover agent, where there any witnesses a lot of things come into play it all just depends.

Warpig – Yea well that kind sucks because I wanted more detail but I guess it may be too broad of a subject for this interview but maybe you could give some insight on how a guy gets busted and what happens afterwards. I mean are you guys out looking as actively as a lot of people think?

Mr. X – Not at all on the local level we either stumble across it or someone gets mad at their dealer and turns them in but usually we are called in by the federal agency for back up. I mean it is a broad topic and there are a lot of agencies that could pursue an AS case it just depends on who finds out what from whom.

Mr. Z – Yes it is generally either the US Postal Inspector working along with Customs and almost 100% of the time it is a disgruntled customer calling in a tip which sets the wheels in motion or the dealer making a dumb mistake. The first thing that happens is the big squeeze what I mean is whoever does the questioning try’s to tell you your going down for a while unless you help and turn over as many users as you know but in reality unless you’re a user who stockpiles even for your own use the federal government wants the supplier and dealer the user is just the easiest to confuse, manipulate, and scare. I would say in general that most users that do get caught are law abiding citizens that just got caught by doing something dumb and the law is going to use them to their full advantage.


Warpig – All right not to piss you off but aren’t you required by law to turn in a guy that you buy from aren’t you breaking the law?

Mr. X – Technically yes but then again as a citizen I do not have to incriminate myself so by turning in my supplier well that would be just stupid I am breaking current laws but I have the 5th amendment as well as anyone else so I am going to use it.

Mr. Z – Exactly!

Warpig – I hope you know how contradictory and hypocritical this is going to sound to the reader you guys are probably going to get bashed some where this is published but I for one understand where your coming from.

Mr. X – It comes from your initial statement I am just doing a job and I am also breaking current laws except for a few things it is my chosen career and I love it we do a lot of good but I did not pass this law that makes it illegal and I refuse to be the scapegoat for others that make the same choice to do this. I as well could be found out tomorrow and face the same repercussions as anyone else as well as loosing my job.

Mr. Z – I agree I am doing a job I love but with some unpleasant duties that comes with it. I am a hypocrite but at the same time human and I don’t expect showers of love or for even anyone to understand as with anyone else I come first I can only choose for me not anyone else but I do have regrets when someone is arrested for this and I am involved.

Warpig – Well I for one understand even though this gives others reasons to bash you guys I don’t and won’t we all are being unjustly persecuted but that has happened for centuries right we persecute what we don’t understand or what someone else says is bad for us.

Mr. X – Sucks!!!

Mr. Z – I concur.

Warpig – I have a political question here for you. What, if any steps could we as citizens take to help persuade the government change the current laws regarding AS use and the penalties that are enforced.

Mr. X – Well I for one know of quite a few people who say that all it would take is the right Politician with enough clout, get him at the right time, with the right kind of financial backing meaning a lobbyist group and show you have enough support from the medical community to start an amendment of some kind I mean that is really the only way but I can’t see it happening.

Mr. Z – I am a little older and see the government in a different way. It is very hard to get anyone to take a stand on anything that is controversial especially a politician but I think under the right circumstances it could be done. I read everyday how new research is finding new uses for AS and in a positive way. I think you would have to introduce it in two ways #1.being how the medical community is not against AS use to treat illness and how they are finding positive uses and hell extending peoples lives in some instances not shortening them and detrimental and a waste of tax payers money it is to keep the current laws and penalties in place. I say maybe make it a misdemeanor for someone under 21 to possess it but definitely give back the choice to the doctor and the potential patient on either to do it or not that’s what should be the law.

Warpig – Here is a different one for you do you guys know about the Internet boards and if so is that something that Law enforcement agencies look at.

Mr. X – I was turned on to them by you and I love them a lot of kids are on them which I do not like for several reasons but most are pretty good as far as the law goes watching them maybe Z knows.

Mr. Z – Yes I think so with the selling and distribution of Marijuana, Cocaine, and now GHB on the Internet the US Postal Inspectors are aware of the activities but we don’t monitor the boards and sites you speak of. I know DEA/Customs agents that say there are small divisions assigned to these areas and it is growing because more and more dealers are going this route it is so vast and makes it harder to take control of than your onsite dealers. I say to anyone if your own these boards and sites your talking to people site unseen so yea someone could be a federal agent but I can’t tell you how likely or unlikely it is but I know I am not on them just be careful.

Warpig – Man you guys make my brain hurt. Well I guess I will end it for now but one last thing what advice can you give the rest of us to avoid being arrested and unjustly persecuted until this law is changed to make it less of a crime.

Mr. X – I have to say most and foremost keep your mouth shut when doing this type of stuff everyone in the gym is not your friend and they don’t share your views. Always know who you are talking too, don’t buy from some John Doe after you have known him for a few weeks and if he pressures you then spilt because something is up. What it all boils down to is if your stupid you’ll get caught and then me or Mr. Z will do our job no matter if we use or not no matter how distasteful it is for us.

Mr. Z – I will encourage everyone to do as Mr. X said a lot of guys feel the same way we do that are in our line of work but we have a job to do and it does make us hypocrites but we have families and it is our chosen profession and for the time being it is illegal. I for one would like to see the law change and I think it will over time but until it does and you choose to go through US mail well try and stay in the US, if you go overseas you increase your chances of being caught quite a bit because then it becomes a customs situation and carries stiffer penalties, If you do go overseas and Warpig agrees with me on this one you are still buying the same dirty AS just taking a bigger risk so don’t or don’t do it at all because I too do not wish to be involved in coming to your home but I will be a hypocrite or not.

Warpig – Well bros I guess that is it for now see you in the Gym.

Mr. X – My pleasure, anytime.

Mr. Z – Mine as well.



















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