The 6 Foods That Work


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The 6 Foods That Work, and how to apply them

I remember finding out you had to eat a ton of food to get big when I was a kid. It was different times back then, and all the magazines said to eat a ton of food OR just gave confusing information. I asked my mom to teach me how to cook and I would cook anything I could to try to learn. I wasn’t even a teen yet but I was trying.

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After high school an old training partner and I would sit around and eat tons of pancakes to force ourselves to get big. We even got asked to leave an all you can eat sushi pace after 3.5 hours of eating. It’s pretty funny now.

I have literally tried so many different things including diet coaches, taking nutrition classes for training clients, “pro diets”, carb diets, protein diets, and everything else. They helped but even though I understood training, I still had a very hard time with food. Also I’m hungry 24/7 so that doesn’t help much either.

I remember watching this video called “Raising the bar” and this guy Mike Pulcinella was talking about the 6 foods that work. For whatever reason I’m sitting there thinking … this makes total sense.

I decided to give it 30days and scrap everything and just stick to it to see how I feel.

I can honestly say this is… for me anyway… so easy BECAUSE its so limited.

What made so many other things so hard was there was too much variation, while this program was …ok… this what you can eat… and you can only eat this…

I measured out my protein daily and kept the carbs for post workouts and the fat just fell off.

Jaw popped out in record time, and my abs came out FAST.

To this day when I want to lean out its very simple.

I go to the 6 foods that work diet and I lean out very quickly. I also point others in this direction when they are having issues with their diet.

THIS SIMPLY WORKS. I LOVE TO KEEP THINGS AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE, and even though this may seem hard at first, when you get in the grove its smooth sailing after that.


I can’t stress this enough, KEEP EVERTHING SUPER SIMPLE.

I obviously didn’t come up with this but I can’t count how many people I’ve turned on to this and watched their physical appearance change VERY DRAMATICALLY.

Now… I hate stupid internet drama… And I’m sure if you look this up you find people talking so much shit about this… But here is the bottom line… this shit works… yes you can supplement it with other foods…BUT Id HIGHLY RECOMMEND you try this first then make some changes or substitute other comparable foods.



-Chicken Breast


-Egg Whites


-Brown Rice (0r as a substitute) Yams


I’m a little different in the sense that somedays all I eat is egg whites for protein. I’ll make 10 egg white patties and stack them up, cool them off, then place them in Tupperware and eat them throughout the day.

For flavor I’ll use spicy mustard or hot sauce and this is honestly the easiest way for me. You may hate it so change it as you see fit.

Below are some of the videos I could find with Mike explaining this idea.


Raising the Bar – The 6 foods that work




The 6 Foods That Work: Part 2 (Excerpt from Pulcinella Muscle Academy)



The 6 Foods That Work: Part 3 – Convenience




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  1. Byrd says:

    All I can say is thank you thank you people thought I was crazy of just eating green beans and chicken and mct oil people keep thinking I was starving myself but I wasn’t I was getting ready for a competition it’s works for me my bodfat just comes off when I do this every time I do a competition

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