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Testing Steroids Bought Online

Testing Steroids Bought Online,…I’m like most of you, I didn’t test my gear for decades. There also wasn’t any decent products for me to do so.

The labs were for the most point on the level (most of it was from American labs), and you could tell what you were on was real. After I started doing blood work I knew for sure it was real.

Now things are different.

The amount of counterfeits out there have skyrocketed, even in the last few years.

You literally have no idea unless you have a long history with a lab that you have anything at all.

Since I have started testing my gear with Roidtest, I have a better understanding of a lab / brand and if I can trust what they are selling.

What I have started doing is picking a few out randomly, and testing those compounds (I’m not testing every single vial)


I’m not saying this to scare anyone, but I know from firsthand experience this is what’s going on.

For those of you that don’t know the process, it goes like this.

The raw powders that the UGLs (underground labs) order, come from other countries around the world.

To get these items into the respective countries and pass customs they will need to cleverly hide or disguise the products.

So let’s take a look

UGL orders from their provider LAB from somewhere in the world.

The LAB sends the raw powder to the UGL.

The UGL takes raw powder and makes the injectable or oral compound.

This is where things get confusing.

To get the powders past customs, these LABS that sell the product to the UGL put the powders in bags with graphics from who knows what on the outside of the bag.

If the UGL orders Test Cyp, it doesn’t come in a bag that says 100grams of Test Cyp on it.

It’s usually disguised in a way that usually is only known by the LAB, not the UGL.

This is what I mean.

Let’s say the LAB sends out a bag of Test Cyp 100grams and tells the UGL that the bag will say in the ingredients line “glutamine” I’m just using this as an example.

Now let’s say the UGL gets the product and it says glutamine 99.9%

It looks right to the UGL, and they make the injectable compound out of the powder.

They test the compound with Roidtest or another Gear testing product (this almost never happens) and its positive for Test Prop.

Or even less of a chance happening the UGL sends it to a lab to be tested. (I’m talking about smaller operations)

They (UGL) calls up / or emails the LAB that sent the powder and the lab says, please tell me what’s on the label.

The UGL says “it says glutamine”

The LAB says what does it say 99.9% or 99.8%?

The UGL says it says 99.9%

The lab then tells them it’s not Test Cyp its Test Prop.

99.8% means Test Cyp

99.9% means Test Prop.

They (the LAB) screwed up.

This is one of 100s of examples I could share.

It happens all the time and the UGLs might not even be aware that they are selling Prop to people buying Cyp.

Ok so you may think, what’s the big deal I bought test either way?

Well Prop is a different protocol than Cyp, as well as many other examples of the wrong compound being bought by the customer (you) and it’s not necessarily the UGLs fault. Well it is because they didn’t test the compound, but they took the LABS word for what they said was coming in.

This is a very real issue. I’ve seen it time and time again where the LAB is at fault but it falls on the UGL, then it falls on the re-seller.

Most UGLs will do batches and send them off to labs to be tested so they can apply to have their compounds be sold in various markets on the internet.

But don’t be fooled into thinking they are sending every batch to the lab to be tested.




Most of the re-sellers on the internet are basically drop shippers.

They aren’t going in the back to fill your order then send it to you.

They are placing an order with their provider then they send it to you.

This is where the re-seller and its vendors can become heroes or zeros.

If the UGL is failing it falls on the re-seller because of complaints by the customer.


This is why I’ve stated I’ve had the best success and consistency with Dragon and Alpha Pharma from this source.

Ill test some of those other labs but I like to stick with what’s been solid and consistent.

I also will test a few from every order to make sure we are still in line.


Now let’s say you buy Dragon Pharma from another re-seller, that may not be the same thing as I’m getting.

Just because you’re buying Dragon Pharma from XYZ re-seller that may not be the same.

Trust your re-seller to know who the good and bad providers are.

If a lab is crap move on.

If the re-seller has something else to offer it may be a good time to check out another UGL off the site or switch to another re-seller altogether.


Bottom line…TEST YOUR GEAR.

It will save you time, and in the long run, money.

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