I’m new to this, where do I start?

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The most Frequently Asked Question I get is

I’m new to this were should I start and what brands do you like?


I honestly get a weird feeling every time I hear that question on how to use steroids and here is why.

Everyone will be different in how they react to different things.

Where I was younger we did that whole thing where we would all be on the same gear and we would compare each others progress. Training aside, all of us would have different reactions to the same substances. All from the same place. All using approx the same doses.

The things that I really liked ended up being the things a buddy didn’t like and vice versa.

For instance.

I really respond well to winni. I get great pumps, I look really vascular and I can have that lean look at the same time look very full. Some other people I know don’t like it at all and say it makes their joints hurt etc.

I personally didn’t see much on Sust 250, however I have friends that swear buy it.


This boils down to what I call my peanut butter and jelly theory, and it applies to most everything in life.

how to use steroids

Say you take 2 people. Neither one has ever had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before in their life.

You sit them down and both try the sandwich. One absolutely loves it, the other absolutely hates it.

Who is right?

They both are. It’s simply a matter of taste.

Over time you will find what works best for YOU. You will have to try different things and over time find what’s working the best for your situation and body type.


That being said.


If this is your first time. Id highly recommend starting with some Testosterone.

They don’t say Test Is The Best for no reason.

how to use steroids

Get over the needle thing. Check out our Injection FAQ for questions if needed.

Use some Test Cyp (you don’t need to exceed 500mgs/wk) start low and run it for 3 months.

Later you can add a compound and mix it up as time goes on.

TIP: This may sound silly but mix/stack your cycles with creatine. Yes Creatine. There is something very magical about mixing those 2. I used to think it was in my mind but after years of doing this I can promise you it is not.


After years of running gear I upped my intake to 4 compounds at a time.

I was also younger and now Ill max out at 3 at a time and that is very rare. Mostly only 2.

But we may be at different places in our lives and you may be much younger than me.

I keep it very basic at this point in my life.

Lower mgs and not as hard of blasts when I do cycle.


I have my personal favorites that I use and Im adding them below.


MY PERSONAL STAPLES ARE: (and this may not work the same for everybody)


Dbol oral-20 up to 50 mg a day

Anavar oral 50mg up to 80mg a day

Winni oral 50mg/day

Test cyp 500 up to 700 mg /wk

NPP 150 eod/ 3xs a week

Deca 500 to 600mg per wk

EQ 300 up to 500mg/wk


I mostly run Test and one more compound (EQ or NPP)

Rarely (once a year) adding in a oral (Winni, Anavar or Dbol)

That’s basically it. Very simple.



how to use steroids

At this time 4/4/17 my favorite Pharms are as follows.

(this is not to say the other pharms on the list aren’t good, I’m simply stating what I’m currently using and have had success with)

-Dragon Pharma- Note: Due to the up and down blood test on the Test Cyp Im going to switch to Alpha Pharma, A Pharm I haven’t used before, but only hear rave reviews from friends. I still Like Dragon Pharmas products and would recommend them, however Ill be switching to Alpha pharma Test Cyp as soon as I’m done with the test Cyp from Dragon.


-Alpha Pharma – After rave reviews about Alpha Pharma from friends I will be switching to them on Dec 1 17 for my next “Blast Cycle” I’ll be giving my review as well as blood test results.

Kind of slow on shipping – British Dispensary

I know some of you are looking to experiment with more compounds, this is just what I am doing and I’m answering honestly. I hope this helps for the people that are asking what I recommend as far as brands and a cycle starting out.

The link to my ongoing provider is below.

If you have not done this before or you know how to use steroids its always a good idea to bounce any ideas off someone else,

Any questions please feel free to reach out in the contact page.


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