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Ways Smugglers Get Steroid Across The Boarder

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These are the top ways that people have smuggled anabolic steroids across the border. The information offered is only for informational purposes. When reading the following, people must know and understand that there is no 100% guaranteed way to safely … Read More

Warning Signs Of A Scammer

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Here are 15 pointers that will help you spot a scammer. Note: Just because one or more of the following describe a possible source, it does not guarantee that the source is a scammer. Never accuse anyone of being a … Read More

Interview With An Ex – Source

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The first source we asked to do the interview denied the idea, after discussing it with his lawyer. However, we have found another ex-source that did the interview. The source will be left anonymous, he will be referred to as … Read More

Interview With A Postal Agent And A Police Officer

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I would like to begin with a few thoughts on how members on several different boards view law enforcement and their role in perusing AS user’s. I have seen posts on many boards dealing with this topic and I feel … Read More

How To Come Off Steroids

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How to cycle off Steroids by Pat Arnold   Introduction Heavy steroid using athletes, particularly weight lifters, bodybuilders, football players, hockey players, shotputters etc., are subject to many adverse consequences from continuous steroid use without a break. Adverse cardiovascular effects, … Read More


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Human Growth Hormone Side Effects As growth hormone is naturally produced in the human body, the side effects of HGH treatment are rare. Generally, these side effects are caused by taking higher-than-recommended doses of HGH over longer-than-recommended periods of time. … Read More

Domestic VS International

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Domestic VS International will really turn into a personal preference. International: – Much cheaper prices. – Bigger selection. – Chance of getting seized by customs. – Have to wait a little longer.   Domestic: – Little more expensive. – Smaller … Read More

Cops On Steroids

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By: Sabrina Rubin Erdely, Men’s Health Illustration by: Eddie Guy   Officer Jimmy (not his real name) knew his steroid use was paying off when, one day, the Ohio policeman needed to wrestle a suspect to the ground—and the guy … Read More

How To Use Clenbuterol

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  Let me just start by saying that this is the single most misunderstood compound in use for athletics and bodybuilding today. Most of the information out there is ½ truths and conjecture. Ok…having said that, I’m going to make … Read More

17AAs And The Liver

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  From an athletic standpoint, certain types of anabolic steroids are frequently mentioned as having bad effects on liver function. They’re usually oral drugs that are classified as 17-alpha ankylated drugs.   The designation “17-alpha ankylated” refers to a change … Read More

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