Why do you use protein shakes?

A. I want to add protein to my diet without adding lots of extra calories.

B. I use them as a clean, low-carb way to balance out my macros.

C. I need a healthy on-the-go option so I don't skip meals or eat fast food.

D. To increase my protein intake, but not my animal-based protein.

E. It's an easy way to get extra calories and protein to fuel workouts and muscle growth.

F. I use protein to keep my hair, skin, nails, and joints healthy and strong. Next Question


What do you value most when choosing a protein powder?

A. The amount of protein, duh! And the taste, of course.

B. It must be light and clean. Gimme the protein and nothing but!

C. It needs to be easy. Grab it and go!

D. The sourcing. What's it made of?

E. Calories and protein. I need lots of both to grow!

F. What else can it do for me besides fuel workouts? Next Question


What are your food restrictions, if any?

A. Not much. I can tolerate dairy products pretty well.

B. I sometimes have trouble digesting traditional protein shakes.

C. My only restriction is the time to prepare food—and maybe the desire to!

D. I prefer or require a plant-based protein.

E. My biggest restriction is that it's hard for me to eat enough!

F. I'm not big on dairy products, but I don't mind if a protein is animal-based.
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What's your primary fitness goal? (Pick one)

A. I want to improve my overall fitness and maybe lose some weight.

B. I want to lose fat while maintaining or building muscle mass.

C. I want to find ways to fit fitness in around my busy life.

D. I want to have great workouts while leading a lifestyle I feel good about.

E. I want to gain muscular weight, plain and simple.

F. I want to look great from head to toe, feel great, and stay active.
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Which of these best describes your overall approach to nutrition?

A. I'm always trying to eat healthier. Sometimes it works better than others!

B. I prep meals when I can and take my pre- and post-workout nutrition seriously.

C. What's meal prep? I need quick and healthy on-the-go options. Sometimes I can find them!

D. I like to cook and prep healthy, balanced meals and I prioritize vegetables whenever possible.

E. I feel like I have to eat all the time to get enough calories. It's hard work!

F. I eat for health and to stay lean, and I use supplements as needed to fill nutritional gaps. Get Results

Your Recommended Protein

RSP Nutrition: TrueFit Grass-Fed Protein

Whey Protein

You'd like an easy and healthy way to add more protein to your diet or work as a meal replacement, but not if it means tons of calories. Whey protein is the best and most cost-effective option for you. Whey mixes conveniently for on-the-go meal replacements and is a fast-absorbing option anytime, but especially for post-workout recovery.

RSP Nutrition: Isolean Whey Protein Isolate

Whey Protein Isolate

You're looking for a light, clean protein that has all the same features and benefits as traditional whey protein, but is manufactured to be easier to digest and perhaps largely free of carbs, fats, and lactose. Whey protein isolates are a great choice for you. Isolates are very popular with athletes who don't mind spending a bit more time calibrating their nutrient intake, as well as those who would like to lose fat—perhaps for a competition—without sacrificing muscle mass.

RSP Nutrition: TrueFit Protein Shake

RTD Proteins

Time is not on your side, which is why you need quick and convenient options that will work for you in a pinch. Ready-to-drink protein shakes come in pre-mixed, pre-portioned containers that can live in your car, your desk drawer, or your pantry. RTD proteins typically do not require any refrigeration, allowing you to skip the scooping and measuring and just slam a drink at a moment's notice.

RSP Nutrition: TrueFit Plant

Plant-based Proteins

You'd like more protein to support your training or nutritional needs, but don't necessarily need or want that protein to come from animal sources. Plant-based proteins are a great choice for you. While in the past, plant-based proteins have suffered the stigma of not being as "complete" a protein source as whey, many of today's plant-based proteins blend multiple sources of protein, creating a nutritional tool that can stand up to animal proteins.

RSP Nutrition: TrueGain Mass Gainer

Mass Gainer

You have one goal and one goal only: to put on weight. If that's the case, then a high-quality mass gainer is your ticket to the big time. Mass gainers are calorie-dense, have a balance of all three macronutrients, and usually contain a blend of different types of protein. You'll still need to eat big to grow, but if you've been struggling to find ways to eat enough, then a gainer can be just the thing to push you over the edge.

RSP Nutrition: AvoCollagen Collagen Peptides

Collagen Protein

You're concerned about the health and vitality of your hair, skin, and nails, as well as getting adequate protein to support your training and physical goals. Collagen protein is a good candidate. Collagen is growing in popularity and is very popular among people following low-carb diets, but can also be a viable alternative to anyone with sensitivities to whey. You can use it as a stand-alone meal replacement, or add a scoop to any other type of protein.

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