Old School Video Vault

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UPDATE 4/28/17 I’ve had a complaint about uploading Bodybuilding videos/copyright etc. I have a very large collection and really don’t want to rub anybody the wrong way. So hang tight I’m looking into what I can work out. Thanks   Collections from my … Read More

New Year Habits

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  What To Pick Up and What To Ditch   As you are well aware, the human body is a machine that constantly responds and adapts to stressors and stimuli. Habits, whether they are considered good or bad, are the … Read More

Noteworthy Advice Part 4

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Ken “SKIP” Hill – Skip Loading Seminar Skip is an Innovator, Bodybuilder, and Well-Known prep coach.   This video is of Skip doing a seminar on his famous “Skip Load”. This is taken from his LONGEVITY DVD –(FREE ON YouTube) there really … Read More

Noteworthy Advice Part 3

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John Meadows Speaks on Drugs & Nutrition for Bodybuilding John Meadows is one of the most respected names in bodybuilding. From Bodybuilder to Coach when John speaks people listen. This video is of John doing a guest speaking on Drugs … Read More

Centurys for SIZE

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  100 REP WORKOUTS FOR MASSIVE GAINS This trick goes back Decades, and if you haven’t done these before YOU NEED TO. Rich Piana referred to them as “feeders” but Centuries have been around for forever. If you are lacking … Read More

Noteworthy Advice Part 2

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  -Backstage Secrets of Professional Bodybuilding REVEALED With Tom Platz Great Informative interviews with Pro Bodybuilders about the use of steroids in the sport. Thomas Steven Platz is an American retired professional bodybuilder. His nicknames are “The Golden Eagle” and … Read More

Product Idea? Who Do I Contact? I’ll Show YOU

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  SO WHAT DO YOU DO IF YOU HAVE A PRODUCT IDEA? WHERE DO YOU GO? WHO DO YOU TALK TO?   If you read the Noteworthy Sups article you saw I introduced you guys to True Nutrition where I … Read More


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You guys may be laughing right now but I’m about to share something with you what I’ve used for over 20 years and it’s something I share with close friends and now I’m sharing it with you….lucky pricks. Why? IT … Read More

Noteworthy Advice Part 1

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  -Secrets Of the Pros With Milos Carcev Hands down one of the best informational videos out there for nutrition and how to eat for bodybuilding. After I saw this video I changed the way I ate and saw great … Read More

Noteworthy Sups

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  I wanted to go over some supplements critical for over health, deficiency, muscle repair, digestion, and some tips and tricks for adding muscle FAST.   FIRST, a MUST HAVE in your DAILY routine.   Multivitamin -This seems like common … Read More

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