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THE PENIS OF STEEL FORMULA- THE FULL BREAKDOWN You guys may be laughing right now but I’m about to share something with you what I’ve used for over 20 years and it’s something I share with close friends and now … Read More

Noteworthy Advice Part 1

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  -Secrets Of the Pros With Milos Carcev Hands down one of the best informational videos out there for nutrition and how to eat for bodybuilding. After I saw this video I changed the way I ate and saw great … Read More

Noteworthy Sups

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  I wanted to go over some supplements critical for over health, deficiency, muscle repair, digestion, and some tips and tricks for adding muscle FAST.   FIRST, a MUST HAVE in your DAILY routine.   Multivitamin -This seems like common … Read More

BodyBuilding Programs that WORK Part 3

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I can’t count how many Bodybuilding DVDs I have (VHS too…oh yes I said it). Some of you may remember some may not. VHS tapes were upwards of $70.00 each to watch a pro work out, and maybe hang out … Read More

17 Most Deadly Mistakes

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The 17 Most Deadly Mistakes – by Basskiller   ONE- Lack of General Steroid Education: what you don’t know can hurt you! You need to know what certain types of steroids do, how to stack and cycle for max results with … Read More

BodyBuilding Programs that WORK Part 1

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  Most of us have spent countless hours combing through magazines and books trying to find a program that really WORKS. “This IFBB Pros workout program listed below” with so many sets for this and that and you don’t see … Read More


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  You may like it, Hate it, or maybe you’re just plain sick of hearing about it. But you can’t deny this Synthol has been around for years and it’s not going anywhere soon. In fact sales are through the roof, … Read More

The Original ‘Gainskeeper Forumula

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The Original ‘Gainskeeper Forumula   This is the famous gainskeeper formula that is often referred to in the message boards. It will help you keep as much of your gains as possible when coming off anabolic steroids. The inevitable problem … Read More

Steroid Half Lifes

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Here is some info for you guys wondering about PCT…. Steroid Half Life’s Steroid Half life’s – anyone new to steroids may be wondering what this means, even some steroid users may also be wondering what this means. So here … Read More

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