Why it's on the list: Using a barbell rather than dumbbells may seem like a matter of taste, but there are functional reasons to pick the big bar. For one, you can put a bench in a rack and press off of the safety pins, allowing you to dial in your desired range of motion. Doing barbell-style presses on a Smith machine also allows you to safely push a bit closer to failure than other press variations and really focus on performing slow negatives.

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Seated Barbell Press Variations for Shoulder Development:

In your workout: Do these first in your workout and use challenging weights for sets of 6-8 reps. That's how bodybuilder Lawrence Ballenger starts his Boulder Shoulder workout before moving on to lighter lifts.

Protect Your Joints on Shoulder Day

Protect Your Joints on Shoulder Day
Destroy your shoulders in the gym, then feed and take care of them afterward. Joint support supplements help ensure you can keep coming back and doing this for years!


10 Best Shoulder Workout Exercises for Building Muscle

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