BodyBuilding Programs that WORK Part 2

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  If you haven’t heard of DC Training, or if you have and haven’t tried this, you need to. This isn’t for the faint of heart. BUT IT WORKS! This has blown up in the last decade for good reason, … Read More

17 Most Deadly Mistakes

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  The 17 Most Deadly Mistakes – by Basskiller ONE- Lack of General Steroid Education: what you don’t know can hurt you! You need to know what certain types of steroids do, how to stack and cycle for max results with … Read More

BodyBuilding Programs that WORK Part 1

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SUPER SQUATS Most of us have spent countless hours combing through magazines and books trying to find a program that really WORKS. “This IFBB Pros workout program listed below” with so many sets for this and that and you don’t … Read More


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Synthol You may like it, Hate it, or maybe you’re just plain sick of hearing about it. But you can’t deny this Synthol has been around for years and it’s not going anywhere soon. In fact sales are through the roof, … Read More

The Original ‘Gainskeeper Forumula

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  The Original ‘Gainskeeper Forumula   This is the famous gainskeeper formula that is often referred to in the message boards. It will help you keep as much of your gains as possible when coming off anabolic steroids. The inevitable … Read More

Steroid Half Lifes

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Steroid Half Lives Here is some info for you guys wondering about PCT….   Steroid Half lives – Anyone new to steroids may be wondering what this means, even some steroid users may also be wondering what this means. So … Read More

Ways Smugglers Get Steroids Across The Boarder

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Ways Smugglers Get Steroids Across The Boarder These are the top ways that people have smuggled anabolic steroids across the border. The information offered is only for informational purposes. When reading the following, people must know and understand that there … Read More

Warning Signs Of A Scammer

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Warning Signs Of A Scammer Here are 15 pointers that will help you spot a scammer. Note: Just because one or more of the following describe a possible source, it does not guarantee that the source is a scammer. Never … Read More

Interview With An Ex – Source

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The first source we asked to do the interview denied the idea, after discussing it with his lawyer. However, we have found another ex-source that did the interview. The source will be left anonymous, he will be referred to as … Read More

Interview With A Postal Agent And A Police Officer

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I would like to begin with a few thoughts on how members on several different boards view law enforcement and their role in perusing AS user’s. I have seen posts on many boards dealing with this topic and I feel … Read More

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