Anabolics and Understanding Blood Tests

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Anabolics and Understanding Blood Tests, what to look for, and how to do it. When people ask me about starting steroids/cycling, I always tell them to get blood work done. Unfortunately this is met with a lot of resistance, and … Read More

Buying Steroids Using Bitcoin

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  Buying Steroids Using Bitcoin, Saving 20%, And how I got some of my cycle for FREE Since I posted the where to buy steroids online article over 6 months ago, I had a ton of emails asking about Buying … Read More

Steroid Profiles

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    Disclaimer* These substances are illegal in most countries without a prescription. You are responsible to do your own research and know whether or not you can obtain these substances legally. We are providing links to a known and … Read More

PCT Post Cycle Therapy

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PCT: Post Cycle Therapy   Post Cycle Therapy is probably the most FAQ I’ve been asked in the last 10 years. This is a hard one because I don’t do this (cycle/post cycle) like everybody else. When I first started … Read More

Steroids for sale

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Steroids for sale – What to look for and what to know   Steroids for sale online is bigger than it ever has been. Making it even more dangerous and a greater chance of getting ripped off OR injecting something toxic … Read More

I’m new to this, where do I start?

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  The most Frequently Asked Question I get is I’m new to this were should I start and what brands do you like?   I honestly get a weird feeling every time I hear that question on how to use … Read More

Anabolic Steroids- The Myths, The Legends

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  Growing up was very much like traveling with side show freaks. I was told we were “spreading the word of the holy one.” That basically meant going around and knocking on strangers doors and letting them know that if … Read More

Old School Video Vault

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Collections from my Old School Video Collection UPDATE 10/6/20 JOIN THE EMAIL LIST AND I WILL SEND YOU A LINK TO VIDEO CONTENT         Check out the posts Steroids for sale, and Where to buy steroids online … Read More

New Year Habits

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What To Pick Up and What To Ditch   As you are well aware, the human body is a machine that constantly responds and adapts to stressors and stimuli. Habits, whether they are considered good or bad, are the body’s … Read More

Noteworthy Advice Part 4

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  Ken “SKIP” Hill – Skip Loading Seminar Skip is an Innovator, Bodybuilder, and Well-Known prep coach.   This video is of Skip doing a seminar on his famous “Skip Load”. This is taken from his LONGEVITY DVD –(FREE ON YouTube) there … Read More

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