How To Pay With Bitcoin

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Hey guys, this post I’ve promised to do for a while. I did these videos at the end of long days so you’ll have to excuse my repeating myself, and sounding groggy and all over the place… BUT there here, … Read More


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HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin)   There are many different views on how to do your HCG “cycle”. I don’t agree with all of them, but I think there are many ideas that are respectable opinions on the subject. Ill start … Read More

Stop using this payment method Update 2/5/19

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After coming back from being away for work I spent some time going over the emails and approx. 6 people have had issues with MoneyGram. Same issue.   Money was sent, creds were correct, but money did not show up … Read More


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PLATEAU BUSTERS. WHAT YOU MAY NOT BE DOING THAT’S KILLING YOUR GAINS. I wanted to add a few things that can greatly aid you guys in your progress to shape and add muscle to your bodies, here is our PLATEAU … Read More

Limited Time Offers & Specials

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We are posting any current deals and offerings from the vendors we recommend. Any questions just use the contact form and we will reply.   RECOMMENDED MK677 and SARMS SUPPLIER USE SOBDIS FOR A DISCOUNT AT CHECKOUT SALE HAPPENING NOW … Read More

Steroid Sachets

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Steroid Sachets & How To Prep And Use Your Sachet   Sachets provide a great alternative to vials depending on where you live in the world. They will generally have graphics on the products for better stealth. They will generally … Read More

Easy Food Prep

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EASY FOOD PREP FOR FAST ON THE GO MEALS People ask a ton about food and how to eat for bodybuilding and fitness. When I’m cutting fat I always stick to the 6 foods that work.  – Article HERE. Below … Read More

The 6 Foods That Work

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The 6 Foods That Work, and how to apply them I remember finding out you had to eat a ton of food to get big when I was a kid. It was different times back then, and all the magazines … Read More

Thick blood and testosterone

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UPDATE 5/10/18 Thick blood and testosterone Just wanted to update you guys its been long overdue. Below is the screen capture from my blood tests. I had a drop about a little over a point. That’s what you can expect … Read More

Blood in syringe when aspirating

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Given the fact that I’ve already had issues with content on the site I feel it only fair to add this heads up. WARNING- This video contains ADULT CONTENT   IF THIS HAPPENS FIRST THINGS FIRST DON’T FREAK OUT! Pull … Read More

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