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"This is phase two," Kris says. That means the half-Ironman prep is over. Everything in his life is geared toward the singular goal of finishing an Ironman in just a few weeks. That means the length and intensity of his cardio training must go up, and the volume of his strength training must go down.

Finding this balance is an art, and at the end of the week, he's left in a heap on the floor, feeling like he's coming down with an illness. Luckily, he started his week off right: crushing arms early Monday morning! Follow along with this week's downloadable PDF.

Training and Nutrition Tips from Week 17:

  • If you're training for an epic endurance event, at some point you'll have to dial back the volume of strength training. Even Kris is doing this! Embrace it, or you'll end up under-recovered and ripe for injury.
  • 2.4-mile swims were once a goal for Kris. But as he gets closer to the Ironman, they're becoming a regular feature in his life. If you're training for a specific task or goal, you need to be equally familiar with it.
  • The more advanced your training, the more dialing in your nutrition matters. Yes, you may be craving more junk food (and booze) than ever, but if you're aiming for an elite goal, it has no place in the mix.
  • Live in an area with lots of trails? Run on them whenever possible. And seek out recommendations from those who use them regularly!
  • Long run? Bring lots of fluids—more than you think you'll need. One wrong turn, and you'll be very glad you have them. Then crush some fruit and protein when you get home to start recovering!

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