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The first source we asked to do the interview denied the idea, after discussing it with his lawyer. However, we have found another ex-source that did the interview. The source will be left anonymous, he will be referred to as “MRX”. We’ll be referred to as “SW”.

SW – What is your opinion on anabolic steroids in general?

MRX – Anabolic Steroids certainly have a legitimate place in sports and in life in general. Anytime an individual is unhappy or dissatisfied with their appearance, I believe they should have the unalienable right to change it. I have reservations about kids and young men under the age of 23 who are veritable testosterone banks going on the bean but that is another topic.

SW – How do you feel about the laws involving anabolic steroids?

MRX – As a one time source–now retired, of course–I loved the laws. Without them I couldn’t make any money!! Seriously though, it disgusts me that the penalties can be so severe. Animal once made such a poignant statement when he said, in essence, that we find ourselves in the state of anarchy not because of no laws but when there are so many it is impossible to folow them all. I think the ones surrounding AS and the use of AS are superfluous.

SW – How long have you been around steroids?

MRX – This is my 5th year researching and experimenting with the juice.

SW – Have you uses anabolic steroids in the past? How much/often?

MRX – I was 175 pounds 3 years ago. My strength was ok but at 33 I wanted to push weight that would otherwise push me. I went on a Ref-B cycle. I only did weight that would be required for people with predominantly type2b muscle fiber. Everything was 6-8 reps with someone to spot me on the last 2. After 4 weeks I went on Halotest and Anavar for an additional 9-11 weeks. My weight went to 225. I have never gone below that weight since. I’m 232 now but I have peaked at 254. That was my ONLY cycle. Now I simply do 3g of test every 4 days for like 3 weeks and then I pick an anabolic like EQ or Denkadiol to do for a week or so every day. Then I stay off for a couple months. I don’t compete on stage, just against myself, so massive doses for too long makes little sense for me.

SW – Why did you choose to become a supplier?


MRX – I was actually a certified alcohol and drug counselor. I was the director of a residential rehab and I simply burned out. Horror story after horror story and it took its toll on me. I was 32. I had spent 7 years of my life behind bars and was a heroin addict beginning at the age of 14. I didn’t know what else I could do so I got into fitness. I went and got certified and paid for a program called Bioanalogics. The money was good but I wanted to give my girl the world. That’s when I started perusing the boards and found On was a particularly wonderful gentleman by the name of David Pastore, or Ipharmacy. He was the one who started me off. And he fronted the gear!!! I would pick up extra so that I could sell it at the gym and make my money back because back then we had no money. I spoke with Ipharm who told me that a lot of money could be made by becoming a supplier. He was right.

SW – Did you have another job besides selling anabolic steroids?

MRX – I worked for New York Sports Club during the day and had home clients at night using Bioanalogics. I was bringing in nearly 800.00 a week for 30 hours work. It was twice what I was making as a social worker yet it wasn’t enough. I made a decision that I would no longer sell to people in the gyms. The old saying: Don’t shit where you eat. I took that seriously. Ipharm would front me orders for like 5G and I would pack and ship, pack and ship. When the money started coming in I never looked back.


SW – While you were a supplier, what was an average day like for you?

MRX – I always worked. I love being a Personal Trainer. I really do. And now that I am training someone who is about to turn Pro I feel great. I would only pack and ship on Thursday and Friday. I never did anything on Sunday unless a client had a make-up session. I also refused to work on Fridays. I would travel 100s of miles sometimes to hit Post Offices and MBEs that didn’t know me. I would use 4 or 5 different names and when I went to the PO I would take all the names of one and send them all out from there. Next name, next PO. I’d be home to help my little girl with her homework (my hours were 5am to 1pm at NYSC) and then when my girl got home I’d answer e-mails.

SW – Why do you think mail ordering has become so popular through the internet?

MRX – Mail order is a lot safer than trying to keep appointments with people or having people come over that you don’t really know. Anonymity has always been a priority for me.

SW – In your opinion, how safe is ordering steroids or prescription drugs through the mail?

MRX – Sending and receiving drugs through the mail is risky. No doubt. But when it’s done correctly the risks can be minimized. Not 100%. Ever. Domestic packages in white boxes are targets. Tape around all the edges are targets. West coast to East coast packages are targets. Especially person to person. It’s a good idea to print your own labels out and use a local business as a return address.

SW – What do you think is the biggest risk involved when acquiring steroids through the mail? (ie. scammers, cops, counterfeits, etc.)

MRX – The biggest risk is ordering foreign and/or waiting for a package that cannot be tracked.

SW – Do you have any tips to newbies who plan on using mail ordering?

MRX – If you ask me for advice on how NOT to lose your cash to scammers I would tell you that you should only send what you can afford to lose. I would also tell you to ask a true vet and continue asking until you find one who knows. Never use references the source gives you (unless you know them) because chances are it is the same person with different accounts.

SW – Can you please explain the scenario of when you were arrested?

MRX – I was recently arrested. About 8 months ago 3 Mexican kids went into a MBE right over the TJ border with 5 huge boxes. They pulled out a wad of cash and told the guy to send them overnight to these 3 addresses, one of which was mine. The guy called the cops and my address got flagged. Last month this guy thought he was doing me a favor, I guess, and he sent me 20 nors, 20 T2s, 5 Maxis, and 500 Halo from that same place. The UPS man dropped it off, turned around, and 3 badges were in his face. Idiot cops didn’t even have a warrant. They needed my permission to open the box. They wanted to come in but I wouldn’t let them. They wouldn’t have found anything but I didn’t like their attitudes. This is all posted on Anabolex. I actually went down to the station and signed for them to open it. Then the cop says he’s charging me. I just laughed. I told him it would never stick. As it turns out it appears as if I was right. Deny, deny, deny. Oh, and get a lawyer.

SW – How has your life changed since you were arrested?

MRX – I was in semi-retirement anyway because my boy has the USAs coming up so it made no difference. I even got a retraction in the local paper because the same cop told them they entered my house with warrants and found all the stuff. LOL!!!!! Retard.

SW – Any regrets?

MRX – No regrets.

SW – Would you ever consider selling steroids again?


MRX – I will no doubt go back into the business of anabolic procurement. I believe I have every base covered. The money and the gear are never together. Nothing enters this house except cash. And my customer base will be very small.

SW – What advice would you give to newbies interested in becoming steroid suppliers?

MRX – If someone told me they were interested in becoming a supplier, I would suggest they travel to Mexico or Europe or wherever it is they will be receiving from. Get to know the people you’re dealing with. Try to avoid lists. Establish a customer base. Tell them the type of products, i.e. Mexican, Euro and when they want something they can tell you and you can get it. Lists make people believe you are sitting on every product written. Seldom will that be the case. DO NOT deal in your town or even your county for that matter. People talk…….a lot.

SW – Finally, what do you see in the future for the selling of steroids over the internet, and anabolics in general?

MRX – I see internet sales increasing ten-fold over the next couple of years. I see domestic on the rise and foreign dwindling. Risk to benefit ratio. Much less risk in domestic and the Euro products will be in such abundance that custom’s letters will be obsolete.














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