17 Most Deadly Mistakes

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The 17 Most Deadly Mistakes – by Basskiller

ONE- Lack of General Steroid Education: what you don’t know
can hurt you! You need to know what certain types of
steroids do, how to stack and cycle for max results with
minimum risks, injection procedures (you CAN kill yourself
if you don’t do this correctly) etc. You need to know the
dangers and how to take steroids safely.

TWO- Listening to the Wrong Advice: You cannot take anyones
advice without reasearching yoursefl from a reliable source
of information (like this site). Knowledge is Power.
Therefore, one must read as much as possible, gather all
available information, then ask as many questions as
possible. Whatever you do, just don’t take advice from the
first guy that comes along.

THREE- Starting Steroid Use Too Young: This can cause numerous
problems not only physically but mentally, since most 18-20
year olds are not mature enough to handle the elevated test
levels and ignore the media hype of “roid rage”, and
physically you can damage permanently growth plates and HPTA


FOUR- Using Counterfeits: Counterfeit steroids are a bigger
problem than you would believe, there are more counterfeit
steroids in the market than you would think. These steroids
offer no positive gains, and some give the side effects of
real steroids. Taking counterfeit steroids is like injecting
poison into your body, bad effects nothing positive.

FIVE- Using Excessive Dosages: When taking steroids, the more
you take is not always the best way to go. Taking excessive
dosages has become a huge problem with steroids today. It
isn’t only dangerous, but studies have shown it to be
ineffective. The body can only use a limited amount of the
steroid so the extra is turned into estrogen by the body.

SIX- Staying On Steroids Too Long: In several cases, steroid
users avoid waring signs telling them not to go on a cycle
more than 8 to 12 weeks without an off period. If an off
period is not taken, there is a higher chance for the
negative effects of steroids to occur. If there is no off
period the body does not have a chance to recover from the
steroids, so more damage is done. This also is terrible for
the kidneys and liver.

SEVEN- Eating Poorly: Many people ignore magazines and educators
that explain eating as being an important asset to growing,
but the truth is, eating healthy has a big effect on the
body. When on steroids the user must comsume between 4000
and 7000 calories a day, not meaning eat only fat foods. The
diet must be high in calories and protein, but low in fat.


EIGHT- Training Incorrectly: When on steroids the training must
be intense and difficult. Instead of the usual weight that
suits you, you must do excess weight and strenuous work for
the best gains. The workout should involve the maximum
weight possible, and make progress each time.

NINE- Not Getting Regular Blood Tests: Steroids are very
dangerous and can cause great problems. Blood tests should
be done often and regularly. When steroids are first taken
many tests become elevated but will return to normal with in
a few weeks. During the off period tests should also be done
to make sure the body is recovering properly. If there is a
problem with the Blood test, consult a doctor that you can

TEN– Using The Wrong Steroids: Many athletes will increase
their chances of getting negative effects when they take the
wrong steroids. The strongest steroids that build more
muscle mass, have the most side effects. These drugs should
be avoided if possible, unless there is a reason to have an
unbelievable gain. But these drugs are very toxic and we
would recommend not taking them.

ELEVEN- Not Learning How To Hold On To Your Gains Without
Steroids: Unless you learn how to do this you will never
achieve true long term gains and run the risk of becoming a
“non-stop user”.

TWELVE- Improper Injection Procedures: This is so important that
it CANNOT be skipped over, the risks of injecting without
knowledge are massive, we personally know of a kid who
nearly killed himself injecting steroids intravenously!

THIRTEEN- Lack Of Preparation and Planning: Not being fully
prepared and having everything you need before you start
your cycle. Not being sure you have time set aside to train
correctly, prepare food, rest etc. Without careful planning
and preparation you will achieve very little. Poor storage
in the home, gym, or where-ever. Poor cycle stacking. Poor
anti-estrogen choices.


FOURTEEN- Starting On Gear For the Wrong Reasons: Because your
friends are doign them. Because you think everyone else in
your gym is on. Thinking that if you use AAS you don’t have
to work as hard to gain quality muscle, not thinking about
the consequences before you start, once you start you can
never go back! Being willing to accept the risks associated.
Don’t bow to peer pressure, it’s your health and your life.

FIFTEEN- Not Being Physically Ready to Start Steroids: Steroids
are not magic, they are the icing on the cake and starting
on them without first having a basic training foundation is

SIXTEEN- Neglecting Personal Security: Not using secure and
discreet online tactics when ordering. Not being security
concious when ordering or researching steroids online
(unencrypted email communications, unsecure websites, not
cleaning your online “footprints”, not thinking that the
authorities won’t go after the “little guy” as well).
Talking loosely about your steroid use.

SEVENTEEN- Sacrificing Overall Health: It’s not just about pure
muscle gains, don’t forget cardio vascular health,
flexibility, internal organs, muscles, ligaments, testicles,
mental health (steroid obesession – don’t let steroids
affect your life and relationships) etc. Thinking that
because your “big” and ripped, that you’re actually
functionally strong. Focusing only on “showbiz” mucles and
not on supporting, under-lying ones.



















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    I have been prescribed steroids? TRT treatment, prop,cip,dec,clomid,and other anti estrogens as well as hcg. Now 🤔 my plan is to never take decca,I didn’t like the prop or the cip? Not sure which so my next cycle will be … lol I forgot the name?🤔 however, what are your tips? I inject myself, should I use hcg after like I did or this time with it? Send me some information on this and workout regimens you recommend I am curious about your view on it like you said research and more education can never hurt. Also I understand meal plans however I want to cut weight yet gain muscle? Some say impossible but many argue different ways they feel fit. So what’s your advice? Let me know 😆💪 thank you

    • Secretsofbodybuilding
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      Sorry I just saw this,
      Check out some of the new post Im putting up.
      It will answer a lot of your questions.
      If you are going on TRT (by Doctor) there would be no reason to take other agents.
      Not sure if that answers your question

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